Online loan for bad credit -Online lenders for bad credit: visit our website

Online lenders for bad credit: visit our website 

An online bad credit loan from content is one of the most popular financial products. You can receive the instant cash account on the same day, the decision to grant is made quickly, only a minimum of formalities is required. 

First of all, you need to be aware that not all loans are free. Many para banks, wanting to attract new customers, tempt with the promotion of the first payday loan for free. And in fact, nothing is paid for it if of course certain conditions are met. To apply for such a free loan you must be at least 18 years old and have an ID card. However, this is not all.

Only those who have not taken payday pay before can take advantage of this promotion. You must also remember to pay it back on time (usually 30 days) and once. Only then will such a loan be free of additional costs. However, para banks do not offer high amounts in this case. Usually, it is about 1000 USD. Each subsequent payday loan will already be charged with the commission and capital interest.

Free online loan – where to start?

Free online loan - where to start?

At the beginning, you should compare the offers of several para banks to choose the one that will be beneficial for us. It is worth to read the terms and conditions of the promotion of the first loan for free. You should check what amount you can get when it should be repaid and what costs will have to be incurred if we cannot pay the liability on time.

Once you have chosen a loan company, you can proceed to the formalities. You must prepare your ID card and personal account number to which funds will be transferred and complete the loan application. The form should usually contain the first name, last name, PESEL, series, and ID number, telephone number, email address, and home address. Some companies also ask about the type of employment or income certificate, but this usually applies to loans for higher amounts.

Online identity verification for a loan

Para bank can call us to verify our identity. The employee of the company must check whether the data provided on the form is true. A form of verification can also be a transfer. The transaction should be made from your own account to the number provided by the para bank. Usually, it is USD 0.01 or USD 1.00. In this way, the data provided in the application is also checked with those that appear in the transfer information.

If the verification is successful, then the company decides to grant a free loan online. Some para banks are still checking the KRD and BIK bases, although this is not a rule. If there are no contraindications, the company transfers the loan to our account. Earlier we get a decision by phone or email that the decision has been approved. The contract is usually sent electronically. Money appears on our account depending on the hours of booking. In some cases, you can count on additional funds the same day.

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